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Josef Nulman - Brooman Group INC

I am the President of The Brooman Group INC. We are a Toronto consultancy that helps businesses improve their organizational efficiency. Recently a client of mine was trying to get their business off the ground and as part of that project we turned to Anicon to build my client's web site.

Having worked for over 10 years implementing enterprise solutions at financial institutions all over the world including three of Canada's top five banks, I know what a well-run project looks like. I can say with sincerity that you are buying an excellent process when you purchase Anicon's services.

What many people do not realize is that building a web site takes a lot of work - both for the client and the design firm. Anicon's process exceeded my expectations in the way they broke the work required of my client into distinct and manageable parts, and then set clear and reasonable deadlines for its completion. Their feedback based design process got my clients involved, but was not time consuming nor onerous. The result was that my client got a product they wanted, felt involved in the design process, and I looked good by association.

I will definitely be calling on Anicon's services again in the future.

Josef Nulman
President, The Brooman Group INC
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