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Toronto eCommerce Web Development

Do you need a web site that is more than a simple brochure? A web site that may be driven by a database, have password-protected areas or be an intranet? For this kind of functionality you'll need professionals with programming skills a web designer does not possess. The truth is you need a web developer and they often come without web design skills and have a knack for making things efficient - not user-friendly.

User-Friendly Web Development

What you need is a web developer who brings programming and design experience all rolled into one. That is Anicon. If you would like to see an example of Anicon's eCommerce work, visit FreshBooks is a web-based billing service that Anicon designed and over 10,000 people have begun to use it since May 2004. If that does not prove that Anicon knows how to design, develop and market, nothing will.

E-commerce Solutions Are Not a Problem

Anicon has written many e-commerce applications, of which FreshBooks is one. Anicon is familiar with payment gateways like, VeriSign, PayPal and has special agreements and preferred pricing with each should you need an account with any of them.

In What Language Would You Like to Communicate?

While our preference is designing Linux/Apache/PHP/MySQL applications, our development team is competent with Coldfusion, ASP, Java, C++ and other programming languages, including those required for wireless and handheld technologies.
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