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Toronto E-Mail Campaign Management

Succeeding with E-Mail Marketing

One of the most dynamic areas in all of internet marketing, e-mail marketing is not a place where the strategies that brought success yesterday can be used to bring about success today. E-mail marketing is a conversion game. Whether you want users to click a link, or forward an e-mail (this is the big one for viral marketing campaigns!), you need to track these actions and manage them upwards.

Newsletter and List Development

Managing e-mail lists, new sign-ups and tracking the user actions as outlined above are now possible using inexpensive tools like Campaigner and Constant Contact. Where professional help becomes useful is in making sense of the data you collect, in helping you test response rates, landing pages and in the preparation of the all-important creative content.

Text or HTML: How Do I know Which One is Right for Me?

Great question. The answer? It depends. Like so many things related to e-mail marketing, testing within your user base is the only way to know for sure which e-mail marketing strategies work best for your list. Anicon can help you test multiple pieces of creative on random sample groups, so you can determine which creative is best and send that to the majority of your users.

Out-Source Your E-Mail Campaign

Are you managing your e-mail list "in-house"? While that can be a cost-effective way to get your e-mail out the door, it can also be costly. When tracking conversions, subtle adjustments and professional design skills matter. Let Anicon help you get the most out of your e-mail marketing campaigns.
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