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Globacore Inc.

Because I am a software developer, people frequently turn to me for web hosting advice. Back in 1999 I decided to make something of these requests and began to buy co-located dedicated servers. I used these servers for my development purposes and used the excess capacity to sell Web hosting services to my clients and friends.

Fast forward to 2003; I was beginning to find the demands of my hosting clients, and a lack of uptime reliability, were stressing me and my time. I knew something had to give.

I began to research the web and shop around for managed hosting [link]. I found a range of prices and levels of support. I knew the cheapest thing to do would be to buy a server at the lowest price I could find, but that would leave me personally responsible for managing its uptime 24 hours per day and take me back to square one. That's when Mike began to verify all of the great things I had heard about Rackspace's Rackwatch server uptime guarantees from his experience convincing me they were in fact true.

Rack watch has a service where Rackspace staff automatically ping (i.e. test) your server every five minutes to make sure that it's up and running. If they find anything wrong, the Rackspace staff - who have greater server knowledge and resources than I currently do - immediately get my server back up again.

I knew I needed a service like this because the uptime responsibility of my old server was causing me to loose sleep at night. I was afraid though because I figured I could not afford a service like this. As it turned out there was no need to be afraid.

While you can buy dedicated servers for less than a managed Rackspace server, the support that Rackspace team provides is worth its weight in gold - and it doesn't cost nearly as much. Quite honestly, their prices are very reasonable. I am paying a little more than if I had just bought a dedicated server without managed support.

Rackspace has exceeded my expectations. They call their customer service "fanatical support" and it lives up to that name. Their company works differently than any other hosting company I know. They assign all their clients to a team. You build relationships with your team and your teams knows your server inside and out. At 11 p.m. when I'm working late and I call Rackspace, I know the guy on the other end of the line. He's in Texas, I'm in Toronto, and it doesn't make any difference.

I'd like to credit Anicon with convincing me to buy my Rackspace server. Anicon helped me negotiate a better service level agreement for a cheaper price, I suggest you let them help you do the same.

Globacore Inc.

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