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Building Websites that Convert

Conversions are a Numbers Game

Conversions are the only REAL metric with websites. Visitors are great, but if they are not buying your product or service, then they are of no real value to you. To evaluate the return on investment generated by your website, you need to identify what conversions are relevant to your business, track them and then manage them upwards.

What's the Big Deal with Conversions?

Do the math. If 1000 people visit your site each day and you convert 2% of those visitors that equates to 20 sales per day. If each sale is worth $100, your site is generating $2000 in revenue per day. Pretty good. Suppose that you move your contact information to a more prominent place on your design template, or tweak your sales copy, and by making these subtle changes, you increase your daily conversions upwards 1/10 of 1% to 2.1%. Doesn't seem like much does it? Again, do the math. That is a 5% increase to your conversion rate and over 12 months those simple design changes will increase the value of your site by $36,500! Hard to believe? Again, do the math:

20 sales/ day * $100/sale * 365 days/year = $730,000

21 sales/ day * $100/sale * 365 days/year = $766,500

That is a difference of $36,500!

That is a nice example of how building web pages for conversions can really help your bottom line. Ready for the real truth? The real truth is that 2% is a very good conversion rate and if you are not already leveraging the experience of a firm like Anicon, then chances are you are not going to have a 2% conversion in the first place. More truth? By effectively testing your web page to ensure it converts, you can increase your conversion percentage by much more than the .1% increase used in the example above.

But I Don't Sell Widgets!

Exactly. Conversions are conversions. Perhaps you are a wholesale clothing distributor, or you sell vacation packages. In these cases you may choose to measure non-sale conversions like sales leads, or newsletter sign-ups. These conversions can be worth much more than $100 in revenue in the long run so you only need to convert a handful each year to justify your website budget.

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