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The POA Web Committee

To whom it may concern,

We are writing to recognize the efforts of Michael McDerment's team at Anicon. Our organization is a consortium of tour operators. In 2000 we built a comprehensive website with the intention of promoting the products offered by our membership. The resulting site was attractive and professional and we paid the going rate for such a product in the year 2000.

The only trouble was that the site did not lead to many sales for our membership.

In 2003 our web committee determined that our web initiative was fundamental to the success of our collective and we made a strategic decision to improve our web site conversions and sent out an RFP. The goal of the project was to "tweak" our existing site - the META tags etc - and thereby increase the amount of traffic our website received.

The RFP made it into the hands of several companies and we received a range of quotes. Anicon's response to the RFP was to completely reject what we had asked for, citing major issues with our then current site and suggesting it was built on a poor foundation from a search engine "friendliness" point of view. Anicon then went on to submit their own proposal for a project price costing 2.5 times what we had budgeted - thankfully we listened!

It is not our practice to over spend and our finances are tight. It's fair to say we would not have considered Anicon's proposal had it not been for one of our committee members who was already an Anicon client. They went to bat for Anicon and helped us make one of our best strategic decisions since we founded the consortium.

The project, though three times the cost of our RFP, cost one fifth the price of our original website build, from which we recycled no material.

Presently we stand at 22 members. Since the project went live nine months ago, four members have each generated revenues in excess of the entire cost of the project. That alone is a whopping 400% ROI in the first nine months.

We would like to extend our sincere thank you for, and endorsement of, the services offered by Anicon. As we embark on a second phase of our website build we are glad to have Anicon as a partner and look forward to continued returns.

The POA Web Committee

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