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Toronto PPC Campaign Management

Pay-Per-Click Advertising Campaign Management

Pay-Per-Click advertising is very popular today. You can read about it in the printed press, it is a buzzword on television and across the radio waves. The unfortunate thing about all this publicity is that the competition is increasing and the prices for Pay-Per-Click advertising, from services like Google AdWords and Yahoo! Overture, are being driven up. There are still opportunities to achieve excellent returns on Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns, but you need to be smarter to win at Pay-Per-Click today, and the chances of running an unsuccessful campaign are far greater than they ever have been before.

Running a Successful Pay-Per-Click Advertising Campaign

Because you are sending money out the door with every new visitor you attract with your Pay-Per-Click ads, you need to be certain that you are achieving a good return on your Pay-Per-Click investment. The cornerstones of successful Pay-Per-Click campaigns are:
  1. Conversions
  2. Conversions
  3. Conversions
You can learn more about conversions here, but to paraphrase, you need to decide on the actions you want your users to take (for example: purchasing an item from your shopping cart or filling in the sales lead form). Once you have identified these actions, you need to track them. Finally, you need to always work towards increasing your conversion rate because if you are driving a high volume of targeted visitors to your web site, even small improvements to the rate at which you convert visitors to paying clients can make a huge difference to your bottom line.

What Else Matters for Pay-Per-Click Ad Campaigns?

Conversions matter immensely because if you get visitors to your site they need to be doing what you want them to [i.e. buying something]. That said, the majority of Pay-Per-Click advertising advice is focused on bid management strategies and optimizing click through rates so that you can generate the highest number of targeted visitors for the least amount of money.

Pay-Per-Click Tricks of the Trade

At its most simplistic, writing good ad copy and bidding strategically on your keywords are the cornerstones of cost-effective traffic generation. Couple these factors with a web site that successfully converts visitors to paying clients and you have the makings of successful Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign. That sounds simple enough, doesn't it? The simplicity of Pay-Per-Click advertising makes everyone believe they can successfully manage a profitable campaign. Unfortunately, Pay-Per-Click advertising is not as simple as it seems. For example, each search network (i.e. Google Adwords, Yahoo! Overture, etc) attracts different demographics, each network requiring copy writing that is uniquely appealing to its demographic. Knowing what kind of sales copy works where and at what point int the purchase decision can make or break a campaign. Complexity abounds with bidding strategies which can vary drastically between the different ad networks and between different keyword phrases - especially when managing large budget campaigns. As a result, merely replicating one campaign within a different ad network can cost your campaign thousands of dollars and bring you little to no returns, despite the fact that it worked somewhere else. To say the least, Pay-Per-Click advertising is not as straightforward as it might first appear.

Out-Sourcing Your Pay-Per-Click Advertising Campaign

If you do not know how to run a successful Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign, you run the risk of driving all sorts of targeted traffic to your web site that does not convert. This will leave you scratching your head and leave you with holes in your pockets. This is where hiring an Internet marketing professional can pay dividends.
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