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Rol Miller - Toronto Central Sport and Social Club

We run adult and youth recreational sports leagues here in Toronto and have worked with Anicon since 2001. We have over 13 000 active clients and we use the Internet as our primary means of communication with our clients.

Recently we developed customized league management software. It has revolutionized our business processes, but after we rolled it out, we found we were having issues with our web host. Shared hosting just was not sufficient for our needs. We recognized we had to make the move from a shared hosting environment to a dedicated environment.

Having spoken with our network consultant we had a few leads regarding the purchase of dedicated servers. We had a range of prices quoted to us, and frankly we found it difficult to understand the implications of each. This is where the value of working with Anicon became invaluable. In consultation with Mike and Levi we were able to identify our REAL needs and soon discovered that the local quotes we received were overpriced, under serviced, and not consistent with our REAL needs. Four times a year 3000 people try to pay for our services using our website within a 24-hour window. Over 13 000 people rely on our website to keep their sporting lives in order. And our administrative team uses our web site every second of the work day. To say that our web site and our web servers are critical to our small-business is nothing short of a gross understatement.

Mike told me about Rackspace and to stop wasting my time looking around for another dedicated host hosting solution. Eventually I took Mike's advice and we settled into negotiations with Rackspace.

Here again Anicon's expertise was useful. The quote they earned for us saved us 30% because they knew how to negotiate on behalf of their clients. How did they know? They listened to our concerns, they took the time to understand the critical processes that would be jeopardized if we made a bad decision, and they relied on experience and relations with Rackspace that we did not have. Hindsight is 20-20. What I've learned from his process is we would have made a bad decision without the help of Anicon.

If you need a server and you are at all confused about what your needs are or where to turn, speak with Anicon and definitely choose Rackspace - I couldn't be happier with their fanatical service.

Rol Miller
Toronto Central Sport and Social Club

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